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Tours in Saint John

Best things to do in Saint John
Saint John City Market
Rockwood Park
See Sight Jetboats Tour - Reversing Falls Rapids
Hopewell Rocks
Cape Enrage Nature Preserve
Place Fort LaTour
Reversing Falls Restaurant
Skywalk Saint John
Carleton Martello Tower
Fundy National Park
Three Sisters Lamp
Queen Square
King Square

Saint John is a Canadian coastal city located in New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy. It is famous for its Reversing Falls Rapids caused by high tides colliding with the Saint John River. On your Saint John tours, you will see that Saint John boasts a wide variety of marine life and is home to the oldest continuously run farmer’s market in all of Canada. Find out why they call it #SaintAwesome.

This beautiful coastal city located on the Bay of Fundy has many must-see sites and attractions perfect for all visitors including: - For any foodie, a must see is the Saint John City Market , the oldest continuously ran farmers market in Canada offering a variety of local food. - For any adventure seeker we highly recommend a visit to one or all of the many reversing falls attractions such as; catching a unique view of the falls with the Skywalk and, take an exciting ride to experience them with our See Sight Jetboat Tour . - Take in the natural beauty of Saint John and experience the diverse landscape at Rockwood Park , witness the world’s highest tides at the Fundy National Park New Brunswick and Cape Enrage and explore the famous Hopewell Rocks . - Explore the rich history of Saint John with Place Fort Latour commemorating almost 6,000 years of ceremonial, trade and industrial activity. Visit Carleton Mortello Tower which dates back to 1812. - To get some energy before or after watching or exploring the captivating reversing falls we suggest you grab a delicious bite to eat at Reversing Falls Restaurant .