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Private Exclusive Niagara Falls Tour with Helicopter Ride + Skylon Tower Lunch


Private Exclusive Niagara Falls Tour with Helicopter Ride + Skylon Tower Lunch


Private Exclusive Niagara Falls Tour with Helicopter Ride + Skylon Tower Lunch


Ayesha Munir2023-04-20

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As you enter Ontario, Canada’s airspace, two structures standing tall & firm would immediately draw your attention: Skylon Tower and the CN Tower. Though apparently similar, yet both have subtle differences that you might be interested in knowing before you make a decision to visit.

Here’s a question-answer series of queries that might pop-up in your mind as you endeavor to make a decision regarding which one to visit.

Where is Each Located?

CN Tower is located in Toronto, Ontario whereas Skylon Tower calls Niagara Falls, Ontario its home. Located 127 kilometers apart, both represent iconic tourist attractions in the two respective iconic cities of Canada. 

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Which one is Taller?

CN Tower takes the lead here. CN Tower is 553 meters high from the ground level and reserves the laurel of being the tallest observation deck in Canada.

In fact, CN Tower remained the tallest free-standing structure in the world until 2007. Skylon Tower, on the other hand, is 236 meters only and remains the fourth tallest observation deck in Canada. 


Which one is Younger?

CN Tower is the younger sibling in the Tower-family of Canada. CN Tower was built in 1976 while Skylon Tower was built in 1965. This makes the CN Tower 11 years younger than the Skylon Tower.


What is Common in Both?

Both are towers [of course, a commonality not to be missed at all]. Both have observation decks, revolving dining rooms, gift shops to buy souvenirs & memorabilia, and both offer spectacular views of the downtown city they’re located in. 


What CN Tower has which Skylon Doesn’t Have?

Some unique CN Tower experiences [you probably won’t find at Skylon Tower] include the following.

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The Glass-Floor Elevator

CN Tower’s elevators are glass-floor elevators that take only 58 seconds to reach the top. The elevators have glass floors to give you a better [yet thrilling] experience of how quickly you ascend from the ground level to top level. 


The EdgeWalk


(Credit: CN Tower / Tour CN / Facebook)

CN Tower has the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk, giving one-of-its kind adventure. As you circle around the EdgeWalk, you’d be treated with uninterrupted views of Canada’s biggest city.

And if you’re brave enough to complete the round trip, you’d be provided with a keepsake video of your bravery, two printed photos, and a certificate of achievement.

Ready to test your mettle at the edge? Tie yourself with safety ropes, lean back, leave your hands free, let the quintessential Ontario-breeze kiss your face & add frizz to your hair, and just feel the thrill you can never find anywhere else [let alone Skylon Tower].




(Credit: CN Tower / Tour CN / Facebook)

CN Tower has got some great dine-in & grab-on-the-go options including Le Café, VUE BISTROS, Hunters Landing, Aria. Its key defining 360-restaurant allows you to enjoy a wide range of Canadian flavors with ever changing panoramic views of downtown Ontario. 

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CN Tower has a Skypod 33-storey higher than the main observation level, altogether 447 meters above the ground level. Here, the force of wind is so strong that you’d feel like the tower is swaying. . . and it actually does! On a windy day, it can sway by 1.5 feet. On a clear day, you can take in views from as far as Niagara Falls, and into New York State! 



At the base of CN Tower, you’ll find a kid-friendly play area featuring touch-screen video game consoles giving your little peeps a one-of-its-kind fun experience. 


What Skylon Tower has which CN Tower Doesn’t Have?

Some unique Skylon Tower experiences [you probably won’t find at CN Tower] include the following.

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Yellow Bugs


(Credit: Skylon Tower / Facebook)

Skylon Tower is known for its signature Yellow Bug elevators that take you to the top of the tower in just 52 seconds [6 seconds earlier than CN Tower’s glass elevators]. 


Food Options


(Credit: Skylon Tower / Facebook)

Skylon Tower features two dining options for foodies: award winning continental cuisine at its revolving restaurant, and an all-you-can-eat buffet at the Summit Suite Buffet. 


Which One Should I Visit? 

Depends on the city you happen to be at a given point in time! If you’re visiting Ontario, Canada, then CN Tower and its iconic entertainment & dining experiences are a must. And if you’re on a Niagara-Falls-spree, Skylon Tower has to be the ultimate choice.

Whichever city you’re visiting, getting several hundred meters above the ground level and enjoying panoramic views of the cityscapes definitely has to be on-theme, be it on CN Tower or Skylon Tower.

And if both the cities are on your travel hit-list, there’s nothing better than visiting the both – for each has something that the other doesn’t. 

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A comparison is hard to make – though both have a lot of commonalities, the very fact that both are located miles apart and represent their respective cities is what sets them apart, necessitating a visit to each of these [provided that both the cities are in your travel list]. 

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