Miami Beach vs Fort Lauderdale: A Comprehensive Comparison

Ayesha Munir2023-04-03

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When it comes to a happening trip in South Florida, two destinations compete fiercely to reserve the top spot [and for the right reasons]: Fort Lauderdale and Miami Beach. With so much in common, it is often hard for visitors to decide which one to visit, and for what reasons. One of those struggling hard to make the perfect choice between these two? [it is because of this reason you’re here, reading this, isn’t it?] Well, to be honest it is hard to make a comparison for such iconic destinations, each offering a unique blend of places to see and things to experience. Nevertheless, here’s our try to figure out the best one to assist you make the best decision.

From the fact that your research about the two destinations has reached this stage of comparison, we assume you’d have some idea about the whereabouts and must-go places & experiences of each one. If not, give a quick read to Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale & Activities to Do in Miami. Let’s now set off with our [not so easy to make] comparison of the two iconic destinations.

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Which One is Cheaper to Visit?

Whoa! This is the hardest and the trickiest one to answer – yet the one question most of the visitors are keenly interested in. So, let’s play our part in breaking down the cost of visiting each destination for you!

Which One Has Better Weather?

Psst! Weather has the potential to ruin or uplift your trip! Plan wisely! Here’s our expert insight [based on stats of course] on this. Being bordered by the same ocean and only 29 miles apart, both mostly have the same weather – same number of sunny days, same weather patterns, same inches of snow per year, and [somewhat] same temperature highs & lows. Fittingly, Fort Lauderdale wins the average rain race – Miami has an average rain of 60 inches while Fort Lauderdale, 63 inches [not much difference, huh? Ask the rain-lovers, and you’ll find why this difference of 3 inches can be of great importance!]

Which One is Warmer?

Again, both share this feature as well. Generally, both come in the list of hottest places in the United States. But if numbers really matter to you, Fort Lauderdale is slightly hotter than Miami with an average of 90 F (32 C) compared to Miami’s 88.9 F (31.6 C).

Which One has Better Beaches?

Goodness! A hard comparison again, as both have beaches that give head-on competition to each other! Let’s give our try decoding this for you! Read through, re-think your preferences, and then make your choice.

Miami’s beaches are known for its urban vibe that blends livelihood, vibrance, thrill, shopping, and dining. So, if you’re looking for a beach that features a unique blend of urbanity & nature – Miami beach is for you. Beaches in Fort Lauderdale are celebrated for [relative] quietude and laid-back atmosphere. It is more about boardwalk, leisurely walking tours, communing with nature, and slow-paced fun. So, if you’re planning a solo me-time trip or looking forward to a laid-back beach experience with your partner, Fort Lauderdale’s beach is the clear winner.

Which One has More Vibrant Nightlife?

Miami, this time! With its nightlife spectrum ranging from posh nightclubs to local salsa venues, the city is definitely a part-hard destination. Fort Lauderdale also has some happening nightspots, but these spots are less vibrant compared to Miami’s.

Miami vs Fort Lauderdale Spring Break

A hard comparison to make, yet again! Answer to this lies in how you’d like to spend your spring break, and with whom! If you’ve got a preference for vibrant nightlife and full-of-energy day-outs where you can match your frequency with huge crowds, Miami should be your spring-destination. On a similar note, if you wish your spring break to be a commune-time with nature and prefer slow-paced excursions, Fort Lauderdale has to be your top choice!

Fort Lauderdale or Miami for Family Vacation

It might seem cliché to repeat now, but the answer to this also solely depends on how you’d like your next family vacation to be. If you’re looking forward to a family-friendly staycation where your little peeps can have unlimited fun doses blended with sandy beach experiences & shopping sprees, Miami is the winner. . . and if you’d prefer a laid-back family vacation experience this time with lots & lots of leisure time spent with family in full-of-nature-settings, Fort Lauderdale has it all for you.

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Which One is Safer?

Safety comes first than anything else? Well, both cities offer safe experiences to a great extent. In God you trust, others must bring data? [as Edward Deming says it!]. Here are the relative numbers. Fort Lauderdale is 14% safer than Miami. But if you avoid certain neighborhoods, you’re all safe in both, Miami & Fort Lauderdale.

Which One is More Beautiful?

Another hard comparison to make! We’re not trying to be diplomatic here, but both have their own unique beauty, to be honest! Comparing these in terms of beauty is like comparing oranges to apples – that have only one thing in common, that is, both are fruits. Miami-beauty is all about gleaming white-sand beaches, vibrant nightlife, botanical gardens, wetland prairies – and most importantly its beautiful water. The Art Deco district in Miami is a major hit. Also, the South Beach here would give you some major travel goals as well. Fort Lauderdale draws its beauty from laid-back beaches, natural landscapes, slow-paced night-spots, and its urban forests. If Miami has Art Deco, Fort Lauderdale’s inland intercoastal waterways make it ‘Venice of America’. Shopping sprees in the beautiful Las Olas Boulevard is another lure.

So, the beauty-contest between both comes to a draw!

Let’s not forget that beauty is a subjective term! So, the choice here is all about whether you prefer a perfect blend of urbanity with nature [as in case of Miami] or your beauty-scale weighs heavier towards natural beauty [as in the case of Fort Lauderdale].

The Verdict

So, you see, both cities offer a unique set of things to do and places to see. The verdict on which is better largely depends on criterion you use to rank and your preferences. If nature-filled experience is all that you’re looking for, head straight to Fort Lauderdale. But if you prefer natural beauty flavored with urbanity, Miami has to be your choice. So, as you plan and decide, be sure to keep your preferences in view while weighing the two options. Check out these articles that can be of further help in making this choice: Fun & Unique Things To Do in Miami , Best Scenic Drives in Miami , Diverse Activities to Do in Miami, Best Things to Do in Fort Lauderdale. With this, all we can do is wish you Good Luck making this choice!