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Ayesha Munir2023-02-01

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Are you an avid skyscape lover looking for spots where you can witness the ever-so-scenic views of the Boston skyline? You’ve landed on the right page! The best thing about the Boston skyline is the variety of views it provides, depending on your altitude and/or location. Not sure where to start your skyline-views excursion from? Here is a list of 12 places where the Boston skyline view is at its best!


Boston Harbor Islands

(Credit: Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park / Facebook)

Boston Harbor Islands should be your first stop in your best-Boston-skyline-view-hunt! With its consortium of 34 islands and peninsulas, you’ll come across some of the best skyline views in Boston. Hop on a ferry, head to your favorite island, sit back ashore island’s beach or linger over its fence, and take in the sweeping views of tall city buildings whispering to the sky in muted tones!

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Piers Park

(Credit: Piers Park Sailing Center / Official Website)

There is no better way to ogle the beauty of Boston Skyline than Pier Park, a Massport located on the southwest side of East Boston. Overlooking the Boston Harbor and downtown Boston, this beautifully landscaped park would provide you with one-of-its-kind views of downtown Boston across the inner harbor! Take a seat at its pastel-colored pavilions or perch on its lush green grass and relish the unrivaled views of the Boston Skyline!



(Credit: CambridgeSide / Facebook)

You can also experience the magic of Boston skyline views from the CambridgeSide, a coveted waterfront shopping destination in the city. Here, you can couple Boston’s culinary scene with the city’s skyline scenes whilst dining it at its eclectic restaurants – giving you a premium dining experience with vistas of towering buildings sidelining the waterfront.

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Longfellow Bridge 

(Credit: / Instagram)

There is no better way to experience the drop-dead gorgeous city skyscape from atop the Longfellow Bridge – the historic arch bridge of the Charles River Basin. As you linger over its fence, you’d be mesmerized by the glistening water beckoning you everywhere you look with the city skyline in the background. What’s more? A night view from the bridge would definitely be a feast for the eyes!


Seaport District

(Credit: hazel_eyed_pixels / Instagram)

Go off the beaten path and witness the magnificence of the Boston skyline from Seaport District, the city’s burgeoning waterfront just across downtown Boston. Here, you’ll witness incredible views of the city skyline like no other place in the city. Slow your pace, dwell on the beauty of Boston’s skyline, and revel in the symmetry & unique architecture of the tall buildings kissing the clouds up there!


Prudential Tower

(Credit: Matt Noyes: Broadcast Meteorologist / Facebook)

You can’t get a more classic Boston skyline view than the one from atop the Prudential Tower – the tallest standing structure in Boston. Climb up this 52-floor building to take in sweeping views of the downtown city and its skyline. An observation deck ‘View Boston’ at the tower’s top three floors is also set to open for the public sometime in 2023. Spoiler Alert! You’d be taken away by the vistas of busy city life, dotted with sky-high buildings extravagantly illuminated with vibrant lights!

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Spectacle Island

(Credit: djrealtymgt / Instagram)

Couple your ‘me-time’ solo escapes at Spectacle Island with sweeping views of the city, and we promise, this will be a not-so-soon-forgettable experience for you! The best way to take in the beauty of Boston skyscape is to perch on this 114-acre island and spend some ‘me-time’ while contemplating the encompassing views of the city skyline from afar!

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Fan Piers Park

(Credit: Fan Pier Boston / Facebook)

You can also savor the ultimate Boston Skyline experience from Fan Piers Park, the crown jewel of Boston Harbor. As an iconic waterfront site on the East Coast, Fan Piers Park has it all to appease your love for sweeping skylines. Take a stroll along the park’s HarborWalk and contemplate the city skyline dotted with state-of-the-art buildings with shimmering glass facades and exclusive balconies. 

ProTip: The view gives altogether a different experience at night with countless lights adding their hues to the skyline canvass!


Arnold Arboretum

(Credit: Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University / Facebook)

To get more of you Boston skyline hunt, head to the Arnold Arboretum, the Harvard University’s Museum of trees adjoining a free park. Here, you can have some unique views of Boston Skyline peeking through the towering trees of the park – far away from the bustle of the city. Lie down here and take your time to commune with nature accompanying the legendary vistas of the Boston skyline greeting you from behind the garden trees!

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Bunker Hill Monument

(Credit: Purely Boston / Facebook)

In your quest for the best skyline views of Boston, Bunker Hills should be your next stop! Originally a site that commemorates the Battle of Bunker Hill, Bunker Hill will offer some great views of the city skyline. Climb up the 294 steps of the Bunker Hill Monument to the top, and feast yourself with uninterrupted views of the city skyscape while the quintessential Boston winds greet you in their way!


John Hancock Tower

(Credit: cmaxwellphotography / Instagram)

Yet another location offering a great view of the Boston skyline is John Hancock Tower, a 60-story, 790-foot skyscraper in the Back Bay. The tower reserves the laurel of being the tallest building in New England, and this says it all. What other place would provide more sweeping views of the Boston skyline that the tallest building in the town?

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Memorial Drive

(Credit: stampwithtami / Instagram)

Last, but not least, a road getaway along Memorial Drive would bring in some of the best skyline views for you. As you unroll through this 3.9-mile parkway along the side of the Charles River, you’d be awestruck by the ever-so-scenic views of the Boston skyline coming your way. For a more enriching experience, go on your Memorial Drive late at night and see the yesterday and tomorrow crossing & mixing on the skyline!

Putting it all together, Boston’s skyline views are one-of-its-kind, provided that one knows where and how to take in the beauty of these views! Not sure where to start with your Boston Tour? Scroll through our top-rated guided Boston Tours that will help you skip to the best part of your Boston travel diaries!