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By: Ayesha Munir

2023-02-07 By Ayesha Munir

Niagara Falls is perhaps the crown jewel in natural beauty of North America, attracting approximately 12 million visitors from across the world! Are you one of these 12 million visitors this year? If so, you need to plan your upcoming Niagara Falls tour wisely! As you plan your trip, you must know about the airports that take you to Niagara Falls as straight forward as possible, so that you can dedicate maximum time & energy to explore this city full of geographical wonders. Here are the four airports near Niagara Falls, Canada that can help you cut-down your travel time to Niagara Falls! As soon as you check out at any of these airports, you’ll find plenty of conveyance options ranging from rental cars & airport limousines to trains & buses, and from airport shuttles to taxis.


Buffalo Niagara International Airport

(Credit: Buffalo International Airport / Facebook)


The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is the airport closest to Niagara falls Canada as it is located only 42 kilometers away from Niagara Falls, Canada. You’ll need only 30 to 40-minute drive to reach the Niagara Falls downtown. Though rated as a top medium-sized airport, this airport has it all to reduce your travel time to Niagara Falls. Every year, this airport serves nearly 5.2 million passengers every year, and the number is increasing at a feverish pace.

You’ll find a flight to this airport easily as it hosts nearly 100 non-stop flights daily catering 31 airport destinations through major carriers that include (but not limited to) American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, United and Vacation Express by Sunwing.

A Gentle Reminder! Since the Buffalo Niagara International Airport is located in New York, USA, you will need a passport to cross the border to Niagara Falls, Canada.


John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport

(Credit: Hamilton International Airport / Facebook)


John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport provides the second shortest route of 84 kilometers to Niagara Falls, taking only 55-munite drivetime to reach the Niagra Falls downtown. Popularly known as Hamilton International Airport among the locals, this airport is located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Each year, this airport welcomes nearly 350,000 passengers with flights from airlines including Air Transat, Sunwing, Swoop and WestJet.


Toronto Pearson International Airport

(Credit: Toronto Pearson International Airport / Official Website)

Next in the list is the Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada’s largest and busiest airport. Located at a distance of 125 km from Niagara Falls, you’ll have to take a 1-hour & 30-minute drive to reach Niagara Falls downtown.

This airport serves nearly 50 million passengers every year. Your flight to Niagara Falls can be super easy via Toronto as this airport caters more than 40 airlines flying to 160 destinations worldwide.


Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

(Credit: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport / Facebook)


Next in line is the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Canada’s sixth busiest airport located on the Toronto Islands in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Situated at a distance of 127 km from Niagara Falls, you’ll have to take a 1-hour & 30-minute drive to reach Niagara Falls downtown.

This airport serves nearly 3 million passengers every year with connection opportunities to nearly 80 destinations worldwide. Here, you can avail services of two airlines, Porter and Air Canada, to reach Niagara Falls via Toronto City Airport.


The Bottom Line

So! Plan wisely whilst you plan your next Niagara Falls tours. Need help on iconic destinations that should definitely be on-theme for your Niagara Falls tour? Read our travel experts’ insights on best places to view in Niagara Falls and what to do in Niagara Falls. Also, check out these featured Niagara Falls Canada tours meticulously designed to provide you an ultimate Niagara Falls experience!